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Back to the work benches

Plant Belles mail orders will remain on pause this Autumn (all items appearing 'sold out'), whilst we focus on production. We have returned from our Summer break refreshed and ready for action, but after a bumper Spring 2021 season we have returned to an empty stock yard! After a concentrated few months this Autumn, bending, assembling and welding, we should have a stock yard full of our handmade wirework ready for the 2022 season. See below for the opening dates & details...

Plant Belle production

A new way of working from 2022

Over the past 12 years we have been steadily growing in size and capability. The challenges we faced by the pandemic have made us rethink our next chapter, and we have plans afoot to begin working differently. In order to retain the integrity of our small cottage industry, we have decided scale back a little, making and selling less Plant Belle products than recent years. Our hope is to get back to our old way of working, to restore a healthy work-life-balance.

Beginning this Autumn we will begin to trial a year of two halves, Autumn to Christmas making, then January to July delivering.

From 2022 the online shop will only open from early January to July 1st. For this 6 months our focus will be helping with orders, packing, sending and delivering as efficiently as possible.

In recent years we have found ourselves with more orders than stock, requiring customers to wait patiently whilst we 'made-to-order', this is not an efficient or enjoyable way of working. Therefore, we will be limiting the stock available each month. At the beginning of each month, a new batch of Winter made stock will be released, once sold these items will become unavailable to order, until the beginning of the following month.

More details will be available at the end of 2021, when we know how our stock levels are looking and how best to release our monthly selection. Watch this space...

Plant Belle production

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