Preparing more Plant Belles bound for America

Wholesale & Commissions

We are very excited to have received our 4th order for the US. All being well, leaving British shores this November. Assuming the container arrives safely (no pirates or icebergs), a bumper selection of Plant Belle stock will be available in Spring 2019, at Detroit Garden WorksSylvan Lake, Michigan.

Shipping Plant Belles to the US

Our Third shipment left us earlier this year (March 20, 2020), this time by air freight, amid the (Coronavirus) uncertainty of air transport restrictions to the US. 

Our second shipment of Plant Belles left for America, on a container ship, heading into the sunset, Autumn of 2018. Very Proud.

Plant Belles heading to America for Detroit Garden Works

Our first shipment arrived on US soil in 2016, after the a surreal meeting with the owner and buyer at DGW. Rob arrived at Plant Belles HQ (in a old banger of a car), in outback Mid Devon, unannounced and very unexpected, on a UK buying road trip. The rest is history!

Plant Belles heading to America for Detroit Garden Works

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