Annual Summer Closure...

Plant Belles is now on pause... Closed from the 1st of Jul, you will find everything temporarily 'sold out' until we return from our Summer recess. The office will only be open for existing order enquiries. Once the last order is packing and sent, we will be off. 

Whilst the plants are reaching for the heady heights of Summer, and the plant supports are all busy doing their important work, we take a break from bending metal and head off for watery adventures.

The Plant Belles delivery van will be transformed once again into our camping sanctum, and off we go... Family fun in the UK for 2021. Not quite as adventurous as previous years, but we will still find a way to swim, surf, paddle and camp in the wild.

Plant Belles gone camping Plant Belles gone camping Plant Belles gone camping

Plant Belles gone paddling Plant Belles gone paddling Plant Belles gone paddling

Paddling, swimming and scrambling down the Ardèche River, Southern France, 2019. From Source (nr Thueyts) to Sauze (nr Saint-Martin-d'Ardèche).

Plant Belles gone swimming

Plantg Belles gone swimming

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