Annual Summer Closure...

Currently closed from, 19th July to 19th August. Whilst the plants are reaching for the heady heights of Summer, and the plant supports are all busy doing their important work, we take a break from bending metal and head off for watery adventures.

The Plant Belles delivery van will be transformed once again into our camping sanctum, and off we go... Canoeing and bivouacking down the Ardèche river might not be an option this year, but we will find swimming, surfing, paddling and family fun somewhere.

We will be back to the work benches by the end of August, the website will remain shut until September, to enable us to prepare for a big delivery trip across the South of England, w/c 27th Aug. 

UPDATE: We will be making a delivery round trip across the South of England (Devon to Sussex via Reading, and back) at the end of August. If you have a large order (value over £100), that you wish to be considered for delivery on this trip, please email us your order and postcode. We will reply on return from our Holidays (after August 17th).


Plant Belles gone camping Plant Belles gone camping Plant Belles gone camping

Plant Belles gone paddling Plant Belles gone paddling Plant Belles gone paddling

Plant Belles gone swimming

Plantg Belles gone swimming

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