Christopher Belle


'Christopher' is our smallest grow-through Plant Belle, the open design is a good choice for broad and rosette leaf forms. Handmade of elegant solid steel wire with rusted finish (see note below).

40cm tall, 40cm wide (See Belles sketched to scale, in relation to one another)

SHIPPING INFO: Christopher Belles generally travel in our Standard parcels, but we can send 1 x Christopher Belle as a 'Small parcel', Have a look at the Christopher & Ernest Package when on offer, for optimum parcel value or see 'Shipping info' for delivery prices & details.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time of year, we can never make Belles fast enough for demand, so if your belles arrive with a lighter rust finish, or even silver (freshly made). Don't worry, the surface finish will transforming to the full and lovely natural rust colour in your garden over time, getting better and better with age!

Seen here photographed at the RHS Rosemoor Gardens, Devon. Over 40 Belles are used to support plants in the 'Hot Garden' and beyond. The Christopher Belles can now also be seen in use at the RHS Wisley Gardens.

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