NEW Bean Poles (Extra Tall Swag Crooks)


The NEW Bean Poles are our tallest plant stake supports, with a scrolled top, sold in packs of 6. Assemble the Crooks opposite each other (pushed into the ground vertically, about 50cm apart) and bend the scrolls towards each other, to thread the cane through horizontally, one set of scrolls at a time (the cane is simply held under tension, creating a frame). Drape the climbing frame with netting to supports peas, beans and annual climbers. As seen at Chelsea Flower Show 2019. Made of elegant solid steel wire with rusted finish (see below).

Bean Pole / Extra Tall Swag Crook 190cm (tied in packs of 6)

Also available in shorter sizes as 'Swag Crooks' (sold in packs of 5). If you want our 'no-string' single stem supports, see our 'Plant Crooks'.

SHIPPING NOTE: These Extra Tall Swag Crooks need to travel in there own 'Standard' parcel (can not be packed with Belles / Hurdles, etc). see the 'Shipping info' for more details. If you want more than one pack, use the drop down menu to select 12 for a discounted price, and avoid paying for 2 parcels.

UPDATE 4th MAY: The NEW Bean Poles have been very popular this Spring. We are fast running out of Bean Pole material. Once stock has gone, there will be a long delay in availability. The alternative option is Tall Swag Crooks at 170cm Tall.

They arrive 'just-made' silver, don't worry, they will transform to the full and lovely natural rust colour (as pictured) in your garden over time, getting better and better with age!

See here photographed at Chelsea Flower Show 2019.

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