Gertrude Belle


'Gertrude' is our wider grow-through Plant Belle, wide enough to support a group of three perennials. Great for Geraniums, Ornamental Poppies and strappy leaved plants. Handmade of elegant solid steel wire with rusted finish

52cm tall, 54cm wide

Also see the 'George Belle' if you want something much bigger. See Belles sketched to scale, in relation to one another.

SHIPPING NOTE: Gertrude prefers to travel alone (or with her own) as a 'Standard parcel'. Due to her wide girth, she can not easily share a box with the more slender boy Belle shapes. Select the number you require from the drop down menu above, to avoid paying Standard postage per Gertrude Belle!. See 'Shipping info' for more delivery details.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time of year, we can never make Belles fast enough for demand, so if your belles arrive with a lighter rust finish, or even silver (freshly made). Don't worry, the surface finish will transforming to the full and lovely natural rust colour in your garden over time, getting better and better with age!

Seen here photographed photographed in the National Trust kitchen gardens at Knightshayes Court, Devon. Over 200 Plant Belle supports are in use in National Trust Gardens in the UK.

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