Plant Belles open water swimming team - 2019 update... July 1, 2019 16:06

When not making, selling, sending Plant Belles or gardening, we have been busy training for our Summer of open water swim adventures, in the UK, France and Croatia. We all love it, even the kids and our swimming dogs!

2019 Update: One year on and we have swam Lake Wimbleball (Alex & Cyd), Roadford Lake again (whole Plant Belles family this year - no dogs) and last weekend Alex & I swam around Burgh Island (off Bigbury, Devon) escorted by the rest of the team on paddleboard / canoes etc. Hard to take pictures when open water swimming, so you are going to have to take my word for it.

We are off to find some French rivers and lakes in August, to explore. All good training for my big 2019 Swimtreck around the Sporades, Greek Islands, in September.

Swimtreck in Croatia 2018 (Jenny with Crediton swimming buddies) below:


2018: Team Plant Belles, first open water swim under the belt, 2.5 km at Roadford Lake this weekend - 24 km’s still to go this Summer!

Plant Belles open water swimming team

We will try and post more pics as adventures unfold.