How to... assembling the 4ft Plant Tunnel

4ft Tunnel How to... Plant Belles HQ

How to... Assembling your 4ft tunnel with Alex. Simple, when you know how!

You will begin with 10 halves, firstly assemble two halves into one large hoop. You now have 5 hoops to begin spacing and placing to your desired length, before threading with canes to construct the full tunnel. Click here for availability.

If you blink very fast whilst looking at the pictures below, you can imagine Alex in a silent movie assembling the large tunnel!

Assembling your 4ft Tunnel -  the parts

Create your large hoops (connecting the two halves, with the pipe fixing)...

Assembling your 4ft Tunnel -  the join

Position your hoops, spaced to your desired length and thread the canes...

Assembling your 4ft Tunnel -  thread the canes

Assembling your 4ft Tunnel - threading the canes

Assembling your 4ft Tunnel - ready to plant and cover

Now you are ready to plant and cover, or coffee...

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