Alex's modelling career

4ft Tunnel In the press New product launches

Alex has made it into the pages of The English Garden, modelling his 4ft Tunnel prototype. With no hair and makeup team he supports the rural Devon look, which will soon be in 'vogue'. See magazine pages here.

4ft Tunnel plant protection for fruit and vegetables

The 4ft Plant Tunnel - Launched 2014, after much prototyping we developed this great solution for protecting produce in 4ft raised beds. Like our smaller Plant Tunnel designs, it is constructed of 5 hoops-with-loops, which you thread with your own canes to make a Tunnel of your chosen length. I use it to create a 3 metres Tunnel. You will need an extra wide mesh covering to enclose the frame and protect your greens!

2023 UPDATE: Sorry the 4ft Tunnel proved to be a devil to make by hand, despite being a fantastic success with the serious veg growers, we no longer make the 4ft tunnel. Smaller equally popular Plant Tunnels still available.

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