Swag Crook big bundles


Swag Crook big bundles consisting of 20 x Medium or Tall Swag Crooks at a reduced price.

Our taller and heavy gauge Swag crook supports are more of a traditional stake, with a scrolled top. Made of elegant solid steel wire with rusted finish (see below). We created this range of 'Swag Crooks' to support rope swags, for climbers and training stems horizontally along fences, paths or through borders. Try training rambling rose stems along a braided rope swag, extending the spread of floral colour. Also great for supporting swags of bunting, lanterns and bird feeders.

Medium Swag Crooks 130cm tall

Tall Swag Crooks 170cm tall

See 'Swag Crook' page. Also see our 'Plant Crooks' if you want our 'no-string' single stem supports

SHIPPING NOTE: Medium & Tall Swag Crooks need to travel in there own 'Standard' parcel (can not be packed with Belles / Hurdles, etc). see the 'Shipping info' for more details.

PLEASE NOTE: If your Crooks arrive with a lighter rust finish, don't worry, they will transform to the full and lovely natural rust colour in your garden over time, getting better and better with age!

See here photographed at the 2014 Chelsea Flower Show.

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