Trellis panels - Climbing Squares


The 'Climbing Trellis Squares' are our idea for plant trellis as seen and launched at Chelsea Flower Show. Based on our Hurdle designs, the Climbing Squares are designed to be a clever modular panel system, that you can add to as your climbing plants grow. You can fix up walls and fences, or flexible enough to arrange around windows and doors to train your plants on new paths of adventure.

Each panel is a simple 50cm x 50cm square. Available with tube fitting for screw fixing or without (to be hung on hooks or vine eyes, on uneven surfaces like rustic stone walls). Seen pictured here only with tube fittings.

SHIPPING NOTE: We can send up to 2 x Squares as a 'Small parcel'. See 'Shipping info' for more delivery details.

PLEASE NOTE: Many items are now out of stock. We will be making more, available mid September 2019.

Seen here photographed on the Plant Belles award winning exhibit at Chelsea Flower Show.

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