Summer Closure, re-opening September 14th July 23, 2018 11:12

As per usual, after a wonderfully busy 2018 season, we have nearly sold out of all our handmade products again. So it is time to take a break and then back to the work benches, to make mountains of stock, ready for the next season.

The shop is now closed (everything appearing as 'out of stock'). We have been busy making new stock. You will be able to make your orders again from Friday 14th of September. We will begin sending mail order deliveries again from Monday 17th September. We've been swimming...

Despite all our forward planning, we have found ourselves (post Chelsea) making items to order, therefore Belles arriving to customers un-weathered, with the just made silver steel finish. This we prefer not to do, so late July is time to down tools, sellotape and packing materials. After some time to rest, recover, take stock, improve our workshop and storage spaces, then begin making stock for Christmas & next Spring..

 Plant Belles Down Tools for the Summer