Christmas closure date...

We will be taking last orders on December the 10th. We will be fully opening the website again in January, offering our full range of handmade Plant Belle products.

We are deep into our big production season, all hands will be on deck to craft lots of lovely Plant Belles etc. As a result of our focus being on making, quality over quantity, we will only have a limited range of smaller plant supports stock available for mail order this Autumn. The full range will be available for the grande opening in January 2024 as per usual.

There will be no Plant Belles, but lots of 'just-made' Edging Hoops, Trellis Panels & Plant Tunnels. We also have some ready rusty Plant Crooks and Plant Labels.

Orders will be lovingly packed and sent one day a week, so be patient, your items will NOT arrive next day!

Plant Belles in the making

Work in progress...

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