Back to the workbenches...

After a hectic Spring season of making and sending Plant Belles galore, followed by a well-deserved Summer holiday, returning to a list of orders and deliveries in August, we have found ourselves with virtually no stock. Therefore, we have to dust off the workbenches and put all hands-on deck, to build up our handmade stock, ready for the next big season (January 2021).

So, for Autumn 2020, we have decided to suspend Plant Belle mail orders, whilst we concentrate on production. Instead of packing and sending numerous orders by post on a daily basis, we plan to make a monthly van delivery trip to different areas of the UK. Details can be found on the delivery info page.

Plant Belle production

 Our normal mail order by post service, will resume January 2021.

Plant Belles steel delivery  Plant Belle production  Plant Belle production  Plant Belle production

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