New for 2014

4ft Tunnel New product launches

4ft plant tunnel, protect your fruit & veg, cover with Enviromesh

It is not just our shop that is new for 2014.

This year we are preparing to launch 4 new products, a range of 3 Swag Crooks and a 4ft Plant Tunnel by popular demand.

The 4Ft Plant Tunnel - After much prototyping we have developed a great solution for protecting produce in 4ft raised beds. Like our smaller Plant Tunnel designs, it is constructed of 5 hoops-with-loops, which you thread with your own canes to make a Tunnel of your chosen length. I use it to create a 3 metres Tunnel. You will need an extra wide mesh covering to enclose the frame and protect your greens!

Plant Belles Tunnels have been available for a few years, but the new Large Tunnel 120 cm tall and wide will be available to join the original; Small & Grande Plant Tunnels current available.

The Swag Crooks - We have created a range of ‘Swag Crooks’, this is a NEW IDEA, these taller and heavier gauge crooks are great for supporting swags of bunting or rope in the garden. Try training rambling rose stems along a braided rope swag in the border, extending the spread and floral splash.

Plant stakes supporting plants, lanterns, tea lights and bunting

Swag Crooks are available in 3 heights, 80cm, 130cm and 170cm tall (5 supports per pack).
More pictures coming soon...

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