Spring delivery back-log April 26, 2016 14:44

Your delivery may be delayed, in most cases only by a few days. Once your order is packed we will send you an update and you should receive your delivery (working) 2 - 5 days after that.

Every year, when the fresh Spring growth appears, we experience a huge increase in orders. The two of us are working our socks off, to pack and send orders a quickly as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience this may cause you and your garden!

Occasionally we also run out of stock (despite attempting to be prepared), so need to stop packing for a few hours to make some things.

The situation can be made worst by our annual appearance at some of the great gardening events around the country, things can get a bit backlogged. 

Please be patient with us, we will endeavor to keep you informed of progress.